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Russia's Synthposium Festival celebrates all things Electro

Taking place from 24 - 27 August at the Winzavod Center of Contemporary Arts and Moscow Film School, the multidisciplinary platform will play host to a diverse network of international artists. 

Celebrating the emerging field of contemporary music, design, cinema and technologies, this year see’s another programme with live performances from the likes of US-based sound designer Richard Devine, synth composer Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe and post punk experimental industrial goth band Interval; UK-based Death in Vegas’ frontman Richard Fearless and electronic shoegaze master Ulrich Schnauss.

Partnering up with British Council, with the support of 20 additional brands, Synthposium will showcase London-based three-man collective London Modular Alliance,  NTS Radio presenter and Ninja Tune’s Throwing Shade, audio visual artist Max Cooper and BBC broadcaster Matthew Sweet.

Polish techno and house producer Jacek Sienkiewicz will be showcasing his love for vintage Roland synths and analogue sequencing, Nina Kraviz’ label трип brings Kazan-via-Moscow producers PTU and regular Boiler Room Russian techno producer Rhizome aka Nikita Zabelin. Aspiring to recycle sounds from futuristic architects Superstudio, Yona Friedmann or Zaha Hadid, Swiss producer Opuswerk will craft those very special moments where life finally makes sense. Performing classic, key figure of early and contemporary german Techno, EBM-Techno and Acid, Thomas P. Heckmann will shape the landscape of electronic music since he has from the very beginning. Using early electro sounds with haunting melodies to create a deep blend of atmospheric future funk, Finland-based Morphology will share their collaborative effects. In addition to these spotlights, more than 200 international and Russian artists will take part in Synthposium 2017.

Facilitating workshops in their specialised fields, creative podiums will take place throughout the festival. Dmitry Morozov shares insight into technological art through the design of experimental sound instruments and modular synthesizers. Korg’s chief engineer, Tatsuya Takahashi, will speak about his role in designing affordable synths such as Monotron and Volca lines, and cinematic sound artist will premiere of Deckard's Dream, designed in Japan by Roman Filippov.

With features from Russian artists Anastasia Alekhina, Stain, Aleksey Rudenko and Misak Samokatyan, the festival plays host to interactive installations, public art and audiovisual performances.

Main tickets act as a multi-passport for all days and nights: an educational program, evening concerts, round-the-clock parties, an exhibition of musical instruments art program for the weekend. Rocket tickets has the same access as the main pass, but comes with a discount. Privileged Tickets cater for the non-working, retired, disabled and families with three kids under the age of 16. All tickets are available online.

Synthposium Festival Socials:

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