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Listen to Kareful's H20

Kareful is the moniker of London based wave/electronic producer Jude Leigh-Kaufman. Since 2014, Kareful has released a debut full length album titled Deluge, as well as a number of singles.

Kareful is a founding member of London-based record label Liquid Ritual, and a contributing radio show curator of Radar Radio, a British independent radio station dedicated to putting out consistent podcasts and exploring the underground world of modern electronic music.

“The plan is to have a regular stream of singles, released every few weeks so that people don’t have to wait around for the music,” he told Clash Magazine. “It’s been a dream of ours for a while now, so we’re really excited to see where it goes. It’s great to be able to support all the artists we’ve been playing on our show over the last 12 months on our own label.”

Listen to H20 below:

Image credit: Mixmag

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