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Collapse Under The Empire present 'The Fallen Ones' LP

Following the singles ‘Dark Water’ and ‘The Forbidden Spark‘, German duo, Collapse Under The Empire, present their signature blend of post rock and  synthwave on the latest offering ‘The Fallen Ones’ LP – due for release October 20th.

Collapse Under The Empire write emotionally charged and highly interpretive music and have drawn comparisons with legendary acts including Mogwai, God Is An Astronaut and 65daysofstatic, whilst receiving international acclaim from the likes of The 405, Q, Clash and Rocksound. Having spent the past three years largely focusing on developing other artists on their own label Finaltune Records, ‘The Fallen Ones’ marks a return to the forefront of the post-rock genre for the established duo.

It was 9 years ago that Chris Burda and Martin Grimm began making music together and to date the pair have amassed a catalogue of 5 full-length albums. Despite rapidly establishing themselves as an accomplished studio group, they were yet to perform live until the highly coveted DUNK!Festival in Belgium invited them to join the bill in 2016, alongside Russian Circles, Pelican and Nordic Giants. ‘The Fallen Ones’ will be the first record to be toured live in a decade and marks an exciting turning point for fans across the continent.

Each track on ‘The Fallen Ones’ represents part of a journey through a disparate, pessimistic future, yet as the album progresses, the pair also strives to evoke a sense of hope, power and inner strength. The melancholic grandeur of tracks like ‘A Place Beyond’ and ‘The Forbidden Spark’ intertwine with the softer, synth-laden moments of ‘Flowers From Exile’, whilst the overall atmosphere is punctured at timely intervals by the blistering crescendos in ‘Blissful’ and the album’s masterful title-track.

Despite being entirely instrumental, their music speaks volumes. Cinematic, spacious and hauntingly darksome, this is an odyssey delving into a surreal and uncertain future. The pair have shown no signs of wavering on their sixth studio release, as they look to take their sound to the stage and march towards a new era of ambient dominance in 2017.

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