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Verasect released a glitchy darkwave track ‘Catch Your Breath’, announces new EP

Electronic producer Verasect has released his second single from his upcoming EP, Sleep Stories and ‘Catch Your Breath’ is glitchy darkwave treat to the ears. Featuring dark and seductive vocals from indie-pop star Dominique, who has just released her own second EP.

Verasect manages to combine both classic and modern elements flawlessly with his sound, ultimately creating something that is at once both old-school industrial in it’s delivery, as well as crisp and modern. The sound can be compared to legendary dark electronic household names such as Depeche Mode and Nine Inch Nails but also brings to mind the contemporary experimentation and bombastic energy of Crystal Castles and Purity Ring.

Verasect’s second single ‘Catch Your Breath’ piques the listeners interest with eerie synth and strong industrial beats from the very beginning of the track. This particular track has a steady, driving beat and Dominique’s vocals contrast beautifully with the dark electronic drums in the chorus, her soaring melodies layering perfectly over the glitchy sounds that build to create a deeply hypnotic song. Verasect breaks down the boundaries of darkwave and vocal-led electronic music with his compositions, making sure that his tracks grab attention, while still paying homage to the building blocks of the alternative electronic scene.

Sleep Stories is set to be released on the 28th of September.

Listen to Verasect - Catch Your Breath below -

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