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Multi-talented instrumentalist, composer and producer Abraham Brody takes us into a mystical dream world with his brand new single, ‘In The Dream’

Abraham Brody takes his listeners on another ethereal journey with his latest track, ‘In The Dream’, slated for release on September 28. The single is taken from Brody’s upcoming album ‘Crossings’, an opus magnum that explores the transient nature of our time on earth through the mythology of his personal relationships, dreams, and imaginings of a world both real and fantastical. This mythic mood seeps into each one of Brody’s tracks as he explores instrumentation, sound and his own Lithuanian roots. 

Abraham Brody composed his album ‘Crossings’ in its entirety, providing vocals, synthesizers, violin, keyboard, and organ for every track. The new single from the album, ‘In The Dream’, has an exquisite arc, beginning with the repetitive hum of organ chords, in an almost ritualistic style, and then building layer after layer of cinematic instrumentation and Brody’s assertive vocal delivery. Brody tells us a mysterious story as he weaves through the layers of organ and violin with lyrics that conjure up dreams, nightmares, visions and myths. 

Listen to Abraham Brody’s newest single, ‘In The Dream’, below.
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