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Darkwave producer, Verasect, releases an experimental EP, ‘Sleep Stories’

The eclectic darkwave producer, Verasect, has independently release a genre-bending EP, entitled Sleep Stories. Currently based in London but born in New York City, Verasect has traveled through the world of music, taking in an element of each genre, which culminates in the thought-provoking almost trip-hop beats of his latest offering. About two months we wrote about the release of 'Catch Your Breath', but the full EP is finally here.

Verasect’s new EP Sleep Stories takes the listener on a haunting journey through sound, captivating with glitch-beats, dark waves of synth and hypnotising female vocals. The EP begins the powerful track ‘Stitch’, a number which is simultaneously fierce and brooding, graced with Amy Kirkpatrick’s vocals and surrounded by Verasect’s skilled manipulation and layering. ‘Tragedy’ is an emotive number that paints a picture of heartbreak and darkness, singing “you’ve been banished from my heart”, undercut by Verasect’s crisp drum-beats that give the track a unique edge. Verasect’s ‘Catch Your Breath’ piques the listeners interest with eerie synth and strong industrial beats from the very beginning of the track and uses Dominique’s vocals to contrast beautifully with the dark electronic drums in the chorus, while the whole EP wraps up with the ethereal ‘Aeon’, the perfect laid-back techno-inspired electronic piece to showcase Verasect’s depth and versatility.

On Sleep Stories, Verasect explains, “After years of writing aggressive music for stomping around a dance floor in an East Village basement club, I wanted to create something more nuanced and balanced. The rawness was dialed down and I brought in pop female vocalists but kept the dark haunting atmospheres that is integral to my sound.”

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