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Felsmann + Tiley create music exclusively on synths, releases the haunting ‘October’

Composer duo Felsmann + Tiley create their sound by exclusively using synthesizers, and it’s this technique that brought us their latest single, ‘October’, taken from their upcoming album, ‘Tempora’ scheduled for release on the 6th of December via Rare Ware Co.

Made up of German-born composers Patrick Tiley and Dominik Felsmann, Felsmann + Tiley share a passion for film scores, contemporary piano compositions and innovative electronic music. However, the two critique that, “film scores often do not stand up on their own when removed from their visual experience, classical music sticks to its centuries old instrumentation and electronic music is largely dominated by kick drums and percussions”. With their Felsmann + Tiley project, the duo are attempting to break this mould, using only synthesizers to experiment with the creation of an infinite range of sounds, new ways of modulating and expressing music and live performance opportunities that have never before been realised. 

Felsmann + Tiley’s unique approach to music by only using synthesizers to create their sound truly pays off in the haunting track, ‘October’. A slow pulsating chord lures you in while textural keys guide the listener forwards into the unknown. With each bar, more is added to this sophisticated track. Halfway in, a wall of sound hits the listener as you become indulged in the smooth soundscapes created by a siren-like call; beckoning you to follow and explore. 

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