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Tim Aminov's OPIUM will go to your head...

Russian producer Tim Aminov has been making waves in the metaphorical musical ocean, and the release of his single 'OPIUM' has proved no different. Lifted from his upcoming album by the same name, the track has been independently released, with the album slated to drop on March 28th.

Aminov has worked on a slew of past projects. His music video for single 'Orpheus' was nominated Best Music Video at the London Festival London Short Series, and he has been awarded Zolotaya Gorgulia, an important Russian industrial prize for The Best Electronic Project of the Year. He created the score for the film The First which is exclusively available on Okko, and set to be released on other streaming services like Netflix later this year.

'OPIUM' is lifted from an album that was largely inspired by Russia's political unrest. The track is moody and gloaming, with Aminov's vocals set against the  atmospheric soundscape. Snatches of places and time seem to be woven amongst the  ambient textures, and gradual sense of revelation is reflected in every note.

On the EP,  Aminov comments: “This release was written under the influence of a difficult situation in Russia. We live in a very aggressive political mood and this mainly concerns ordinary people in our country.

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Teezus Christ ‘ihopeyoulive’: As Alluring as Horror

Not much is known about United States Producer, Teejay AKA Teezuz Christ but sometime you find something interesting on the experimental music front and it just kind’a sticks right? Well, here we are with a song ‘Ihopeyoulive’ released on 21 February via the Experimental Music Youtube Channel.

Introduced with glitchy synth and piano keys, the song sounds inspired by modern horror films and at first, it might unnerve you a bit. That is just until the synth stabilises and the percussion gives the track depth. It’s dark and atmospheric and you know what? Listening to it is just not enough. 

Listen to ‘Ihopeyoulive’ here.

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