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Ambient musician, Alaskan Tapes releases airy ‘The Times Are Tired’ Single

Based out of Ontario, Canada, Alaskan Tapes has released his first single ‘The Times Are Tired’ from his fourth full-length album, Views From Sixteen Stories, via AT Recordings. The single is a strong introduction to the upcoming album, with the listener getting an immediate taste for the ambient artists style. The result leaves the listener breathless in anticipation for the unreleased album.

Despite coming from a family that never really played music, or took it very seriously, at the age of twelve Kendall was gifted his first drum kit. He explored the drums for four years before discovering the world of producing through the internet. Since then, producing and writing music has been his central focus. Having experimented with various styles, he eventually landed around ambient music which he's been writing and producing for about five years as Alaskan Tapes... “Toronto's the only place I've lived my whole life,” says Kendall, “so everything I write is from the viewpoint of Toronto, and it's surroundings.” Musically, the project draws inspiration from the likes of Stars of the Lid, Taylor Deupree, Luke Howard and Pan-American.

‘The Times Are Tired’ opens with airy, organic guitar playing that slowly melts into a pool of ambient strings and delicately brushed drums. The ability of the artist as a composer is on full display as he layers multiple string instruments to construct a warm and contemplative arrangement that rolls along effortlessly.

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