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Brighton’s DJ Eone shares ‘Swift Blades’ from his “Digital Vision” EP set to drop this Friday via SYNES

Brighton DJ and producer Eone, aka Simon Mitchell, has just dropped 'Swift Blades' the first track from his upcoming EP Digital Vision, set to be released on August 30th via exciting London label SYNES. The Digital Vision EP features 3 tracks, including a remix from Australian wave heavyweight Ytho. Premiering today, 28 August, with The Playground, ‘Swift Blades’ has a notably textured, droning bassline at its foundation over which dynamic percussion and scintillating synth lines ebb and flow.

"This was made coming back on the train from Bristol,” said Mitchell on the inspiration behind the tracks production. “It was my first time at The Black Swan, a quaint little venue full of affable patrons, high on life and love. The energy I felt that weekend went straight into DAW.”

And the title? Well, here’s a priceless anecdote from Eone on the inspiration behind it:

“The title of the track, however, is in homage to a friend's tall tale of how he once pissed in a Dyson Airblade, doused himself in his own urine and then made a swift exit. I don't want people thinking I advocate knives, I advocate idiots in toilets."

On that note, please enjoy ‘Swift Blades’.

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