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Polish Musician Raidho releases new EP, recieves remixes on tracks

Last week, Polish musician Simon Mattson, also known as Raidho, released his new EP, ‘Rain Drops’ on Sol Selectas. The EP will also feature remixes from Timboletti and Kermesse. So far the EP has done well, already climbing the Top 100 Charts on Beatport.

When discussing the inspiration behind the alias, Mattson said, “RAIDHO is one of the twenty-four runes that comprise the oldest form of the runic alphabets. It represent important changes and personal development in all spheres of life. Raidho is a manifestation of rhythm and cosmic equilibrium, determined by the cyclical movement of sunrise and sunset and the changing seasons. It supports and surrounds the protection of dreams, it also helps in their proper sense.”

The artwork for the EP is by Helia Jamali and depicts a doorway to the world of “Rain Drops”, where infinity dragons are playing with drops of life.

Rain Drops Tracklist
1. Rain Drops feat Peter Gundry
2. Mulinea
3. Rain Drops feat Peter Gundry (Kermesse Remix)
4. Mulinea (Timboletti Sunset mix )
5. Mulinea (Timboletti Sunrise mix )

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