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Two musicians come together to create perfect electronic symphony in ‘Tragedy (Kareful Remix)’

London-based producer Kareful has remixed Darkwave electronic producer Verasect’s track ‘Tragedy’ which has been released on the 2nd August via Terminal Blue Records.

While the track was only released a few days ago, it has recieved a positive response so far. This is unsurprising as the two artists come together like day and night, creating a warm dusk glow with their combined strengths shinning through. The result of the collaboration is a symphony of sound as darkwave meets light, female vocals. The two artists balance each other out like ying and yang, complementing each other perfectly.

‘Tragedy (Kareful Remix)’ is the first single to be lifted from Verasect’s upcoming EP, Awakenings which will include remixes from several big artists.

“I was very inspired by the vocals on ‘Tragedy’ and decided I’d focus on trying to add my own spin on them. The beat came together once I layered a few ethereal melodies, I was unsure where to take the track next. I’ve been producing mostly ‘club’ tracks for a while so was tempted to create another banger, but after a while, the track ended up writing itself, it turned into more of a song! Once I showed it to a couple of friends, and got some great feedback, I knew it was finished.” - Kareful on his inspiration for the remix

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