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Electronic Producer Phelian Has Released A New Album Filled With Elements Of Ambient Future Garage Music By His Own Design

Composer, engineer and producer Phelian has released his second studio album Beside You on September 18 via Enhanced Music’s, Enhanced Chill. Beside You was written in both London and New Orleans, and Phelian self-composed, produced and engineered it in its entirety.

Producing for three years now, Phelian has seen an impressive growth for a short period of time. Receiving support from tastemaker Youtube channels and publications such as Magnetic Magazine (who premiered one of the LP cuts, ‘Black Orchid’), he has accumulated to over 17 million views on Youtube. His song ‘Lost’ contributed over 12 million of those views.

Phelian is inspired by memories, loved ones, and listening to other artists' music as well as the occasional film. He feels that each musician should have their own approach to creation stating, “You can look at the painting and know who painted it. You can listen to a track and know who produced it.” His unique approach has put him on par with names such as Burial and Alaskan Tapes as well as elements of Øfdream and KOSIKK. Beside You plays through soundscapes inspired by the idea of transcendency in unification. Listen below and share your thoughts on the new album by the independent producer.

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