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Blackbird Blackbird garners beauty in the darkness with new single 'Collapse'

Blackbird Blackbird has fans waiting with bated breath for the imminent arrival of his next album Hearts on November 15. The young producer has also announced a string of live dates. To keep the metaphorical wolf from the door he's released a new single 'Collapse' - and it's a genuinely fresh new take on his style.

Mikey Maramag rose to prominence with his chillwave production style, and has seen attention from some of the most esteemed publications. Taking his name from the Beatles song, Blackbird Blackbird has shared the limelight with names like TOKiMONSTA, Nicolas Jaar, Tycho, Rusko, Emancipator, Crystal Castles, Foster The People and Chad Valley.

'Collapse' sees Maramag exploring the dark undercurrents of emotion - in a song he wrote about the devastation caused by the death of a loved one. As different as the track might be to his usual way of doing things, 'Collapse' strikes a chord deep within, reminding us that beauty can be garnered from even the darkest moments.

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Jazmin La Shae
Upcoming Live Dates:
8 November - Zone One at Elsewhere, Brooklyn, NY
23 November  - Neck of the Woods, SF
24 January - Roxy, LA
31 Jan  - Cervantes & Other's Side (Balloon Pop) wEMANCIPATOR, Denver, CO
1 February  - Empire Control Room - Full Venue (Balloon Pop) w/ EMANCIPATOR, Austin, TX

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