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Learn more about the two songs by Koresma that are going to carry you into 2020

Every now and then you’ll come across an artist and wonder why they’re not a household name. The ambient electronic producer Koresma has seemed to set the stage for his own success and we believe within the next few years, he truly will be a household name. His release of ‘New Frontier’ just reaffirms our belief of this.

On Soundcloud, he shares: “'New Frontier' is a soft house tune that uses lush E-piano chords, atmospheric violins, and a shuffling house beat to propel into your sonic adventure. The goal of this tune is to inspire hope and sense of adventure through the music. For myself getting out and exploring always leads to freedom and lots of growth. This song is about the new paths and roads that we haven’t travelled, yet are eager to explore.”

You may have previously heard of him via his track, ‘Bridges’ which has amassed nearly 6 million plays across Spotify and Soundcloud. Koresma allows himself to connect with his fans as he has also divulged information on this track:

“This song was inspired by the idea of how bridges connect people and places. Music is one of the biggest connecting things for us and it brings people together regardless of race, language, culture, beliefs, and beyond.”

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