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Experimental duo Larch unveil new EP 'The World Is Dangerous; Go Outside'

After the successful release of their single 'A Mirror In Ultraviolence' experimental electronic duo Larch have unveiled their EP The World Is Dangerous; Go Outside.

The duo have released a prior album, 2018’s Unknown Neural Pathways as well as a live set Modulated in Savage Discord, and an exhibition sound piece, Stillness; Despair. Movement; Despair! for The Maiden, an exhibition in Cardiff's Ruin Gallery.

The duo delight in the unusual and The World Is Dangerous; Go Outside is a collage of unorthodox sounds, interesting snippets and downright abrasive textures. The duo are unperturbed by the idea of creating discomfort, and contrast a disjointed sound design with moments of peace and nostalgia.

Larch give some insight into the EP: “Our approach to this record was distinct from our first. We incorporated various elements of new hardware into the process and combined these with the detailed sample manipulation that is central to our sound. We wanted to juxtapose chaos and order in a way which we feel resembles the environment in which we all exist."

The World is Dangerous; Go Outside tracklist

01.  A Distorted Season

02.  A Long Extinct Species

03.  A Mirror in Ultraviolence

04.  A Certain Ecology

05. A Passing of Event Horizons

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