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Vincenzo Ramaglia's 'La parole 5' is emotive, organised reslesness

Vincenzo Ramaglia's sound is definitely unique. The Rome-based experimental electronic musician is the director of the Griffith Academy of Cinema and Television, a career that surely requires a wealth of creativity. Thus, channeling this creativity into his own musical ventures seems to come naturally, and his new single 'La Parole 5' is no exception. The track features the charismatic Laure Le Prunenec, whose vocals and magnetic showmanship add to the dramatic overall dramatic feel.

Describing his work as 'organised restlessness' is surely modesty. 'La parole 5' strips back the layers of illusion and delivers a soundscape that lays bare real emotion. Ramaglia explains: "I’m not a big lover of ‘four-on-the-floor’, so when I embraced the electronics I immersed myself in more restless, schizophrenic, elusive contemporary rhythms. IDM, drill’n’bass, breakcore, glitch... Squarepusher, Venetian Snares, Autechre, Alva Noto, Ryoji Ikeda... All artists who do a great deskwork of editing to produce their phantasmagoric and always changing sound textures, a work that is often masterly and of great impact for me. The challenge is: to recreate with my hands that same ‘organized restlessness’, but in an impromptu way, without editing, treating the machines as a musical instrument. Without a computer. However there is also a hard work of composition: improvisation moves inside an intricate maze of analogue sequences, composed on the machines as on a pentagram, almost in a thoughtful orchestral counterpoint".

'La parole 5' follows on from 'La Parole 7' and will be released in full album format on January 24th via PEM Records.

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