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Take a ‘Gamble’ with DJ Ten’s newly released song

Retrowave producer DJ Ten shared his latest track, ‘Gamble (feat. Immortal Girlfriend)’ via TenStars. The track is lifted from his EP, We Dream Aloud which was released November 8, 2019. While tracks such as ‘Eternal (feat. By An Ion)’ and ‘We Are The Night (feat. Jessie Frye)’ have received significant attention, ‘Gamble (feat. Immortal Girlfriend)’ has gone relatively unnoticed, until now.

With both lyrics and lyrical melody written by Will Bush, DJ Ten and Immortal Girlfriend come together to create smooth, retrowave goodness with elements of old school R&B sprinkled in for flavour. DJ Ten is a pioneer in the retrowave scene as the owner on the prominent Youtube channel, New Retro Wave.

We Dream Aloud EP Tracklist:
1. Eternal (feat. By An Ion)
2. We Are The Night (feat. Jessie Frye)
3. Gamble (feat. Immortal Girlfriend)
4. Nightfall
5. Creation (feat. Lost Nights)

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