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UK music producer DEADLIFE releases ‘Strands Unravel’ before new album release

UK synthwave producer DEADLIFE has been making a name for himself, starting in 2017 with his album debut Bionic Chrysalis, which was voted Best Synthwave Album 2017 by MetalSucks. In 2019 he had double the success, by having both of his albums reach the US Billboard Electronic Album Sales chart and his album Singularity was ranked as the best Dark Synth Wave Album 2019 by subscribers and community of Russian label Retrowave Touch. The ‘Strands Unravel’ track is off of his upcoming album City of Eternal Rain, which is due for release this April.

DEADLIFE grew up playing video games, and it is where the producer gets inspiration for his sound. He is creative with an emotionally conscious side to himself. He believes that his music is the best place to express his inner feelings and emotions, and helps to connect better with his fans. The producer has a classical music background and in his previous music venture he was a drummer in a band. After much thought, DEADLIFE  did not feel that he could grow musically in the band and decided to follow a solo music path. He would teach himself how to compose and produce electronic music.

The musician elaborates on his release, “ With how things have been going, I'd be lying if I said I was happy with how things are and the near future looks promising. It doesn't. I feel things are unraveling so fast, I can barely keep up. The delicate strands of humanity are fast unwinding. The song gathers momentum, I have a tendency to do that when I write because its how I often feel. Emotions can be turbulent, they ebb and flow, and I hope whoever listens and enjoys what I write can empathise and relate.”


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