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Experimental artist Ka Fu creates a frenzy with new song ‘Just A Voice’

Ka Fu has released his new song ‘Just A Voice’ featuring the charming vocals of singer Nina Muse before his upcoming album release this year. The artist has had much success with his debut album, Encoding:Master (2019). His previous marks include his remix of Llama’s Dream’s track ‘Rain Catcher’, which caught the attention of noteworthy Youtube channel Ambient. Ka Fu’s performance at the marvelous Eco-Art Park Nikola-Lenivets in Russia, also caught the attention of BE-At TV’s 1 million-plus followers.

Music site Doof adds, “The track breaks the rules of rhythm, but yet I still feel the need to dance to it. I am hooked on Nina Muse’s enchanting vocals that still manage to be inviting while being altered. Ka Fu creates upward spiral effect magic with its punchy electronic layering and bass, and we the listener are under its spell.” We agree in saying that Ka Fu’s ‘Just A Voice’ is radiating a spirited atmosphere, combining familiar genre elements with the early and future garage sounds and an energetic bass foundation. It feels like Ka Fu is in a frenzy on this one, and we are all for it!

Ka Fu adds, “I met Nina first on SoundCloud and listened to her beautiful voice. Her timbre immediately brought me back to my children times when I was in deep love with jungle and hardcore music... You know these women vocals from happy hardcore tracks when you are young and feel so widely open to the future? So the idea of our collaboration came out immediately - ‘Just a Voice’ - that sends you to a romantic, tender and, at the same time, energetic mood.”

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Zachery Allan Starkey shares new song ‘Fear City’ Ft., Bernard Sumner

Zachery Allan Starkey has released "Fear City" with Bernard Sumner of New Order. An immersive dark techno journey into the contemporary urban nightmare of New York City’s dark after hours underworld, “Fear City” combines Starkey’s evocative songwriting and synthesizer playing with Sumner’s innovative production and instrumental work. The resulting collaboration pushes both Starkey and Sumner into new territory. “That’s my nightmare, that’s my dream, barely living...thriving in the chaos in between,” Starkey sings, documenting life in New York City during the current COVID-19 pandemic and economic collapse. Sumner matches Starkey’s lyrics and melodies with some of the darkest electronic instrumentation work of his career, recalling his time in Joy Division. “Fear City” is a song firmly rooted in the present.

“Fear City” is the second collaboration between Starkey and Sumner, following the recent release of their anthemic club track “Force”, which garnered glowing reviews from music publications across the globe. Starkey’s “Force” and “Fear City” also mark the first brand new studio recordings from Sumner since the release of New Order's 2015 LP, Music Complete. Starkey opened for New Order during the Music Complete tour.

Following “No Security”, “XXX”, and “Force”, “Fear City" is the fourth single off Starkey’s forthcoming album, FEAR CITY, and premiered exclusively with BrooklynVegan.

ZACHERY ALLAN STARKEY appeared in a feature on Wave Music

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Music producer Yulia Niko shares new song 'Manifest Of Love'

Following the release of recent ep, Molly & Sally, Russian DJ and producer, Yulia Niko, returns with a special ambient podcast, designed to heal and soothe during these difficult times.

Drawing inspiration from Detroit and Chicago house, Yulia’s unique sound has seen her become resident DJ as Berlin’s Watergate club and release on labels such as Crosstown Rebels and Get Physical. Along the way, she has also gained recognition from tastemakers like Jamie Jones and Damian Lazarus, plus underground plays on John Digweed’s Transitions podcast.

Niko was intoxicated with dance music from a young age and soon got her first residency in Sochi. She has since spent time in New York before settling in Berlin and has now set up her own vinyl-only Techno Techno label. She has also released on Baile Musik, Nervous Records, Plant74, played parties in LA and continues to make musical waves.

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Nomad & multi-instrumentalist Kayobe releases mystical new album

Self-proclaimed Nomad Kayobe has just released his Islands to Bridges album, and it is truly a pleasure to the ear! Featuring elements of chill wave and deep house within each track, he manages to create a unique world in each of his songs with his elixir of electronic and mystical and ambient textures. He has previously mentioned that his music is inspired by his worldwide travels and experiences, and we have no doubts about that. His sound is ever-changing and transformative.

Music blog Sub Scape adds their view on the album, “Kayobe is a self-taught sound engineer, teaching himself the tricks of the trade and creating his unique sound in the process. The entire album carries chillwave and deep house characteristics, however, each song differs in mood, texture, and energy. The album overall presents an ambient flow that is easy on the ear and mind.”

Kayobe explains the deeper meaning album, “Islands to Bridges was written and recorded on three different continents and was inspired by the sights and sounds around me. There were phases during the creation of this album when I was feeling more solitary (islands), and phases when I was feeling compelled to connect more deeply with others (bridges). There are more energetic party tracks, and more subdued chillout tracks - I hope they take you on a journey from wherever you are to wherever you want to be.”

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Music duo Evening Elevator releases a new song ‘Higher’

Evening Elevator takes you on an entrancing journey above the clouds in the video for their self-released debut single, HIGHER. The duo made up of New York songwriter Tim Segreto (Populus, Boston Sessions) and producer Dub Sonata (Jidenna, Rhymefest, Sage Francis) each released a catalogue of their own work before collaborating to form Evening Elevator.

Filmed by Dub Sonata, HIGHER feels like a waking dream, allowing you to take flight over the fog-laden hills of northern California. It opens with a soothing blend of synths and strings, soon evolving into an infectious vocal melody over hard-hitting drums. The song will serve as the intro track on their forthcoming album bearing the same title, which they describe as electro-dream pop with hip-hop tendencies.

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Music duo Bone Cult releases brand new album ‘Death Electronica’

Driving beats and synths power Bone Cult's sound which is best described as 'Death Electronica'. A hybrid of a rock band and electronic production, the duo break the conventions and defy all expectations of the genre.

Starting out as a stripped back guitar and drums outfit, the duo evolved by embracing technology to create new unheard sounds. Self-releasing three diverse EPs signalled the band's fierce self-reliance and commitment to breaching new musical territory.

Taking inspiration from Daft Punk, The Prodigy, Slipknot, Death From Above 1979 and Enter Shikari, the duo's productions span a vivid and vast spectrum of sounds. Relentless touring has seen the band perform to festivals across Europe, North America and Asia.

The band's popularity has soared internationally following their inclusion as characters in the online videogame 'Avakin Life'. 2020 sees the band release their first full-length LP, which is due for release March 30th, supported by singles 'Cruel' and 'Feed on You' generating fervent anticipation from their loyal fans.

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Q&A with synthwave producer Color Theory

Brain Hazard aka Color Theory picked up the piano in his young adolescence and would form part of his high school jazz band. After high school, Brian would go on to do formal music studies and earn a Music Degree in Piano Performance. Once he completed his studies, Brian would win main prize in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest. This success led to his music being featured in the popular game franchise Just Dance and Rock Band. Brian’s music has also been featured in MTV’s The Real World series soundtrack.

We find out the finer details of the established musician in our interview.

If someone has never heard your music, which keywords would you personally use to describe your overall sound and style?

"melancholy 80s nostalgia synthesizer piano". Unfortunately, I just googled that and my name didn't come up.

Tell us about yourself. How did you get into music?

Inspired by a friend who played piano in middle school, I  started lessons and ended up getting a degree in piano performance, while knowing all along that I wanted to make records like Depeche Mode.

What type of music were you creating, before the synthwave craze began?

I was blending synthpop with EDM, inspired by Deadmau5 and similar progressive house acts. Before that, The Postal Service was a big influence.That said, I’m not sure my fans detect those shifts. Current trends rub off to some degree, but mostly it all sounds like me.

When you compose and produce tracks, do you make music for yourself or do you make it with others in mind?

I honestly don't know. I just try to create something that produces a reaction in me, and hope it will do the same for others.

What key pieces of gear/software are you using to define your sound?

It's all software synths these days: Zebra 2, Diva, and Sylenth mainly. I've relied on the piano from the beginning, but less and less as time goes on.

Has your arsenal of equipment changed much since you first started?

Actually, no! I've had the same audio interface and monitors for at least a decade. I've changed DAWs a couple of times but that's about it, and even that wouldn't have happened if I hadn't won Ableton as a prize in a songwriting contest.

Three favorite tracks of all time?

Shit. You stopped me dead in my tracks. This can't possibly be right, but here goes:

1. Depeche Mode ‘Somebody’
2. David Sylvian ‘I Surrender’
3.The Smiths ‘Asleep’

What inspires you outside of music?

I'm slowly working through what are considered to be the best books of all time. I recently finished Don Quixote and started Swann's Way by Proust. No exaggeration, I could write a song based off any single page in that book. Actually it would be more like a page and a half, which happens to be the average length of Proust's sentences.I can find inspiration in anything though. My latest song was inspired by meditation.

What is the best or strangest reaction you've had to your music this far?

Just today someone left this comment on YouTube: "I swear to god if they don't play this song during the end credits at my funeral I am going to haunt every single one of my family members."

What, in your opinion would be the perfect genre fusion?

Is it sad that I can't think of any that haven't been done? Even the extremes have been explored due to the prominence of collabs these days. Maybe it's a copout, but I've been doing my best to blend 80s synthpop with classical piano since the beginning.

What do you enjoy the most about creating synthwave music?

The connection to my childhood. I’ll often stumble onto sounds I hadn’t heard since buying my first synth. Which was a Korg, but I don’t remember the model!Since I grew up in the 80s, the music comes from a very genuine place. I don’t have to pretend to be something I’m not.

Do you consider the Internet and social media as fundamental in building a career in music today, and what is your personal relationship with the new technology at hand?

I'm sick of social media, but as a non-performing artist, I see no alternative. Still, I want to be as anonymous as I can get away with!

What can we expect from you in the near future? Any upcoming projects or releases in the pipeline that you would like to tell us about?

I'm just releasing my first tracks since my last album in October — a double a-side featuring 'This Whole Nothing' and 'Juggernaut.'

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Ambient, experimental/minimal techno producer T. Gowdy releases new song ‘Therapy With Colour’

Therapy With Colour is the Constellation debut by Montréal-based producer and sound artist T. Gowdy, who has released three prior albums of exquisitely textured, predominantly ambient electronic music (most recently Pachira Aquatica via Shimmering Moods Records in 2019). His sublime audio/visual performances have featured at MUTEK (Montréal and Barcelona) and Spektrum (Berlin), alongside his ongoing work as an in-demand producer/engineer with over fifty album credits to date, including Suuns (Secretly Canadian), Ensemble (Fat Cat) and Ada Lea (Saddle Creek) to name just a few.

Therapy With Colour is Gowdy’s most sonically and conceptually acute solo work to date, inspired by experiments with the Nova Pro 100 Light and Sound Mind Machine (among the best-known home hypnosis “mind machine” devices, first released in the late 1990s). For Gowdy, the ritualized therapeutic reprogramming of consciousness that this technology purports to effect has two primary personal dimensions: “to explore psychological ‘debiasing’ and decorrelation of heteronormative narratives that exist within my familial, intimate and economic relationships; to let flow neutral communication with the self and others” and to circumvent the technical biases and temporal blockages endemic to digital audio workstations and the computer-based editing that governs the production of most electronic music. The album’s five tracks are extracted from live, linear, real-time stereo recordings that have their origins in an audio/visual collaboration between Gowdy and light artist Laura Buckley (whose scanner artwork features on the album cover and packaging).

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The Wants share new song ‘Aluminum’

The container opens with a cacophony of deconstructed and broken waveforms, organic samples manipulated to simulate something mechanical, unidentifiable sounds twisting on themselves until, startlingly, from zero to sixty, the full band abruptly blasts in. The container is all forward momentum, even in its quieter moments, there is a feeling of restless stirring, guiding the listener through dark alley-ways towards the singles that are more traditionally written within the canon of mainstream pop sensibility and songwriting.

The Wants' new single “The Motor”, in its original instrumental form, has garnered an overwhelming response live—the audience all seemed to whip out their phones simultaneously to capture the climactic danceable, though dissonant, cacophony, as frontman Madison Velding-VanDam twists upside down like a viscous yogi and fires his guitar in the air vertically. The song was inspired by an epiphany Velding-VanDam had for the spoken word element while rewatching his favourite movie introduction David Lynch’s “Lost Highway” -- a racing pavement level road reveals only white dotted lines shrouded in darkness and David Bowie croons his sinister 90s industrial art-rock masterpiece “I’m Deranged”. The lyrics start with Elle's quiet request to the band, “let’s go fast,” before they kick into high gear and unstoppable locomotion. The final mood is somewhere between Cybotron’s “Cosmic Cars”, Kraftwerk’s “Autobahn”, and Nine Inch Nails “Closer”. “The Motor” was the final song to be completed of their upcoming debut LP Container.

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