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Music duo Evening Elevator releases a new song ‘Higher’

Evening Elevator takes you on an entrancing journey above the clouds in the video for their self-released debut single, HIGHER. The duo made up of New York songwriter Tim Segreto (Populus, Boston Sessions) and producer Dub Sonata (Jidenna, Rhymefest, Sage Francis) each released a catalogue of their own work before collaborating to form Evening Elevator.

Filmed by Dub Sonata, HIGHER feels like a waking dream, allowing you to take flight over the fog-laden hills of northern California. It opens with a soothing blend of synths and strings, soon evolving into an infectious vocal melody over hard-hitting drums. The song will serve as the intro track on their forthcoming album bearing the same title, which they describe as electro-dream pop with hip-hop tendencies.

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