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Multi-instrumentalist Frythm releases ethereal album, Flow

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Los-Angeles multi-instrumentalist Frythm has released his album, Flow via SXN (a.k.a soulfulxnature). The producer has performed as support for musicians like Svdden Death, Slushii, Deorro, Daedelus, Great Dane, Sonnymoon, Huxley Anne, Astronautica, and Eureka The Butcher. His previous appearance at the Neon Desert Music Festival 2017, saw him performing with acts such as Migos, Foster The People, Khalid, Mija, and J Balvin.

Frythm speaks about the new album, "I spent weeks reading into the philosophy of "flow" after coming off a few months of writers block I entered a deep meditative state. I came back with a repeated voice inside of my head telling me to look within and let my body take full control of the creative process. I instantly began writing the record, just moving naturally not giving much deep thought or logic to the process of things, and just allowing it to just happen. This was the easiest time I've ever had writing a record and felt like everything came to be so naturally, The "Flow" album is conglomerate of my subconscious’s natural actions."

Frythm lets his creativity loose in his new LP, creating a fresh sound that is not clouded by fear of standing out.

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Music producers Bing & Ruth release new song and music video 'Live Forever'

Bing & Ruth has released a second single, 'Live Forever', from forthcoming new album Species (out 17 July). 'Live Forever' is a kind of sonic meditation. At 13 minutes, it is the longest composition on Species, but a series of three rising notes at the end of each phrase suggests something like a song form at work - albeit one that has been greatly stretched out.

Bing & Ruth’s ringleader, David Moore writes, “depending on how you’re registering time ‘Live Forever’ tends to be either the longest or shortest track on Species. It is a very peaceful song for me, and lately, that seems to be what I’m most in need of. I hope you can find something in it for yourself.”

‘Live Forever’ is available today alongside visuals created by Derrick Belcham, who also directed the first Species single ‘I Had No Dream’. He says, “For Live Forever, I created a kind of light playground that David would have control over by placing a set of projectors in a large, empty, black room filled with haze, and creating a set of parameters that would change aspects of the light streaming from the projectors to cut three-dimensional figures in the haze. These parameters were then tied to a control interface that David could use to "play" the song visually as he listened to playback on the album track. I placed a camera in the light environment to give a POV, and David performed takes of the visual accompaniment which were then inverted and colour shifted to feed to a monitor in front of David and finally recorded live to the computer. The music video is an unaltered visual performance of the song with David at the controls of the system.”

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Music producer ford. releases new song ‘Living, Breathing’

Foreign Family Collective affiliate ford. marks his first solo release of 2020 with single ‘Living, Breathing’, out May 14th.

A departure from previous releases, ‘Living, Breathing’ sees ford. shift towards a more complex electronic sound - while losing none of the understated emotional power that makes his music so special.

"This track came together last year when I was on the road with Maribou State. Fortunately, I got a couple of off-days near the end of the run in Seattle and was able to utilize FFC’s studio for a few days”, says ford. “I remember messing with a synth and laying down a bunch of random messy ideas, stretching sounds out, and trying a bunch of sample processing things I had never done before. After consistently being on the move, it felt so good to be able to wind down for a minute, take a step back from the shows, and just feel like I could sonically explore. That doodling eventually turned into what is ‘Living, Breathing’ today”, he adds.

Born in Paris to American parents, raised in Frankfurt, Switzerland, Singapore and now residing in Utah, 20-year-old ford.’s eclectic upbringing has been instrumental in shaping his musical perspective. Since signing with Foreign Family Collective in 2018, he has amassed over 25 million streams on debut album (The) Evening, secured spots on the Spotify Global Viral Charts and US New Music Friday, played Coachella and been hailed by Billboard as an artist to watch out for.

The release of ‘Living, Breathing’ comes during an exciting year for ford. His remix for  ‘SWIM’ by Mild Minds received a Grammy nomination for ‘Best Remixed Recording’. ford. also released an EP with GOOD COMPANY, a collaborative project with sonn and Hanz. Fellow producers that met in a Soundcloud Facebook group and became friends, the trio came together for the first time at ODESZA / Foreign Family Collective’s studios in Seattle to create an EP in just seven days.

Shifting his sound towards a new creative direction, ‘Living, Breathing’ is a sign of things to come for ford. Through his life experiences connecting with different cultures, ideas, languages, and people are felt deeply through ford.’s music -- a sound which even the most passive of listeners can hear and feel an emotive connection resonating throughout his music.

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