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Music producers Bing & Ruth release new song and music video 'Live Forever'

Bing & Ruth has released a second single, 'Live Forever', from forthcoming new album Species (out 17 July). 'Live Forever' is a kind of sonic meditation. At 13 minutes, it is the longest composition on Species, but a series of three rising notes at the end of each phrase suggests something like a song form at work - albeit one that has been greatly stretched out.

Bing & Ruth’s ringleader, David Moore writes, “depending on how you’re registering time ‘Live Forever’ tends to be either the longest or shortest track on Species. It is a very peaceful song for me, and lately, that seems to be what I’m most in need of. I hope you can find something in it for yourself.”

‘Live Forever’ is available today alongside visuals created by Derrick Belcham, who also directed the first Species single ‘I Had No Dream’. He says, “For Live Forever, I created a kind of light playground that David would have control over by placing a set of projectors in a large, empty, black room filled with haze, and creating a set of parameters that would change aspects of the light streaming from the projectors to cut three-dimensional figures in the haze. These parameters were then tied to a control interface that David could use to "play" the song visually as he listened to playback on the album track. I placed a camera in the light environment to give a POV, and David performed takes of the visual accompaniment which were then inverted and colour shifted to feed to a monitor in front of David and finally recorded live to the computer. The music video is an unaltered visual performance of the song with David at the controls of the system.”

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